FAQ – Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in a class?

It couldn’t be easier – select the page of the class you wish to enroll in, and at the bottom of the web page is an on-line enrollment form.  Payment is made via Paypal or Stripe at the time of enrollment.

Can you pay per class?  
We do not offer a pay per class structure, classes are sold as a package – we don’t offer lay-by of classes.
When does class start?
Our classes are open enrollment, which means you can start as early as this week or enroll now and hold your place to start in a couple of weeks.  

Something came up! Can I skip a class?

You sure can, our flexible class system means that you have 12 weeks to finish your six classes.  So don’t let your upcoming trip stop you from starting training with your dog now. 

My dog already knows how to sit and lay down, do we have to learn them again?

Your dog already knows how to “sit” and to “lay down.” we will run over them again just so you can get used to the timing and training style that we use.  It never hurts to cover the basics and improve your dog’s responsiveness to your cues.   

I don’t like training with so many treats. Do I have to use them?

We believe that you should train a dog using what motivates them, and often food is the easiest thing to use at the beginning of the training process.  You then need to learn how to use non-food reinforcement to maintain those behaviors for the rest of your dog’s life.

Food is quick, it is easy and it gets results. We are experts in Marker-based Positive Reinforcement Training which mean it is not all about food – we can show you how to use all forms of reinforcement – from food to toys to environmental rewards to get what you want from your dog.

Won’t training with food make my dog fat? 

If your dog is fed a proper calorie controlled diet, no they won’t get fat.  if you are using food to train – a number of calories in that food should be removed from the meals that the dog is feed.  Training food is not a treat that happens on top of dinner – it is dinner. 

Does my puppy need to be fully vaccinated to go to puppy school

No, Your puppy only needs to have had their initial vaccination to attend puppy school. Our indoor training area is sanitized before every Puppy School Class to ensure safety and hygiene for Puppies that are not fully vaccinated. In fact waiting to go to class can impact your dog’s social development leading to later behavior problems.

When do your classes start? 

Our classes are Open Enrollment, which means that you start when you are ready.   This does mean that people in the class are working on different exercises because everyone gets one on one attention this doesn’t impact on your training.  In fact, it helps dogs deal with new people and dogs.

Can my kids come to class?

Of course, they can, but you do need another adult to attend to look after the kids so you can concentrate on working with your puppy. It is also important that you help your kids engage in the training process by encouraging their interaction with your puppy.

Can I bring 2 dogs to the same class?

Yes, you sure can, you need one handler per dog, however, to ensure that both dogs get the time and attention that they need.

What happens if I miss a class?

With our flexible class structure, it is impossible to miss a class. With Doggy Dogma we understand that life can get in the way – the kids get sick or you get called into work – we give you 12 weeks to complete our 6-week training program.

How big are your classes?

We really want you to get the most out of your time with your trainer, so we keep our classes small – with 6puppie or 4 adult dogs maximum to a class. You get one on one attention in classes so that you and your dog get the most from your education.