Puppy School Ipswich

Do you want to get the best from your Puppy?
With Doggy Dogma Puppy School – You Learn More!

Doggy Dogma has the most popular Puppy School in Ipswich, Queensland for a reason.  We want to help you have a happy, well-adjusted adult dog,  and creating the dog of your dreams starts right now.

When you first get your puppy, you are laying the foundations for the dog that you want them to become.  When you pick your Puppy School, you should choose a class that will help you create that dog that you want your puppy to become.

To many puppy schools can’t address problem behaviours and have puppies that “fail” due to the trainer not knowing more about the animals they are training.  Don’t settle for a lecture on puppy food and worming treatments – while missing out on the best time to teach your dog.  Our Puppy School will give you the skills, the knowledge, and the know-how to help deal with problem behaviours,  to understand your dog and to help shape a confident and happy adult dog, that listens and cooperates with you.

Puppy School Times: Open Enrollment – Start this week!

  • Saturday 8am
  • Sunday 8am
  • Tuesday 7:30pm
  • Thursday 6:30pm

Location:  3/14 South Station Rd, Booval

Cost: $140 for 6 weeks 



Our classes are 6 weeks, not 4, because you learn more skills and obedience in a Doggy Dogma Puppy School.

Designed specifically for Puppies under 4 months of age, this class focuses on giving you the skills and knowledge to raise your puppy to be a well mannered Adult Dog, covering important aspects of Socialisation and Self Control as well as Basic Obedience.

Puppy School, Puppy SocialisationAre you confused about socialisation vs vaccination and whether it is safe to bring a puppy to a controlled environment here is an article from the American Veterinary Behaviourist Board:  http://avsabonline.org/uploads/position_statements/puppy_socialization.pdf

To understand the importance of Puppy School here is an article from Animal Welfare League: http://www.awlqld.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/PuppyPreschool.pdf