Puppy Plus

Open enrollment – Puppy School with Doggy Dogma is a prerequisite 

4 weeks – $115

Saturday 9am
Sunday 9am,
Wednesday 7:30pm

The Puppy Plus Program is a 4 week course that you can either add-on to puppy school or uses as a refresher – but it is designed to focuses on Behaviour (the emotional side of training) rather than just  training.

This is the time in your puppies development when I expect to start hearing the following words from puppy owners:

“Fido hasn’t done that before!” 

And there is a reason they are doing something now that they maybe haven’t done previously, and it is mainly that they have reached the right stage in their life to do it – whether they are showing signs of fear, anxiety, excitedness or even obnoxiousness.

I may have mentioned to you before that it is between 6 months and 2 years that the vast majority of dogs are surrendered and rehomed.  Which is why training during this time period is important, so that you can keep your dog in your loving home.

Some feed back that I have received from clients that continue training beyond their first class:

– it keeps them on top of problem behaviours
– it makes them more accountable and it is easier to stay focused on their dogs training
– they enjoy the social aspect & getting to talk about their dogs (on a personal level)
– it is a great way to get out and about with their dog.

The exercise that we will cover off on are about creating relaxation, focus and attention, plus handling which can become more challenging as your dog gets older.

As with all of our classes, this program is open enrollment, and flexible, giving you 8 weeks to complete your 4 class sessions.  So whether you have just finished class or need a refresher – this class is for you.