Reactive Rover


There is no doubt that one of the most common complaints that dog owners have is dogs that bark, lunge, and growl at other dogs on lead.  Our unique take on dog aggression training deals with your dog’s emotions – changing how they feel – not just suppressing their “bad” behaviour.

Aggressive behaviours can be complex and overwhelming when your normally sweet dog behaves in a bad way.

Our Reactive Rover Class is designed to help you understand and work with your dog, learning  management, handling and training techniques to reduce reactive and aggressive behaviour

Owners will learn how to identify aggression triggers and discern their dogs’ body language in stressful situations. They will receive coaching in teaching their dogs to relax around triggers and will learn techniques for improving their relationships with their dogs to help enable their dogs to relax.

We combine private training to lay the foundation and then use a group class to practice what you have learnt – working with other dogs to increase you and your dog’s confidence over time.

  • Classes are held on Sunday Afternoon at 5:00pm during summer.
  • Location – The Cricket Pitch, Pine Mountain
  • Class Sizes are limited – book in now so you don’t miss out.   Start making changes for your dog today.
  • Prices start at $295 for 3 private sessions and 5 groups classes (package)

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