Tricks Class Registration

If you are ready to have more fun with your dog, and ready to learn some new tricks, do we have the class for you.
Starting Sunday 21st August 9:30am
(Open Enrollment)
Early Bird Offer – 6 weeks for $140 if enrolled before 15th August
Open only to past and current Doggy Dogma Students.
To earn your Top Trick Dog Certificate you must pass 6 of the following tricks (you choose which 6 to train):
High Five
Take a Bow
Hoop Jump
Cross Paws
Ride a Skateboard
Stick ’em up
Shell Game (3 Cups)
Leg Weave
Sit Pretty
Look Cute (Chin Target)

Topics Class Registration

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These classes are limited run classes, which means if you are unable to attend class you may miss out - unless you discuss it prior with your trainer. These classes are to help you and your dog with a specific behaviour issue with concentrated training on that subject.

Ground Rules

Adult Dogs must be fully vaccinated; Puppies need only to have had their 1st Vaccination to attend Puppy School.  Proof of vaccination must be shown at the commencement of training.

Doggy Dogma does not use, or recommend the use of:  choker/check chains, electric shock collars, citronella collars, prong collars, head halters or retractable leads.  DO NOT bring this equipment to class.

Sick or injured dogs should not attend classes unless allowed by their medical professionals and Doggy Dogma Personnel.

Dog owners and guests will follow the direction of Doggy Dogma Personnel at all times when present at a training venue.

Junior handlers (11-16 years) MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult.

If a dog shows high levels of aggressive behaviour, alternatives to class attendance may need to be discussed.

Payment and Refunds

Full Fees are to be paid before the commencement of class unless prior arrangements have been made.  A $30 non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your place.  Booking fees can be transferred to other classes.

In the event that a class is cancelled or postponed by Doggy Dogma for any reason, transfers, or a full refund including booking fees, will be made available.

No refunds will be made after commencement of the first session.  Special circumstance will be taken into consideration.


Doggy Dogma’s Flexi Classes allow a 12 week period from commencement of class to complete your 6 week program at any available class session – after twelve weeks, additional class time will need to be purchased.

We ask that owners inform us of alterations in expected schedules as soon as possible.

Bad weather, illness and other outside events may make it necessary to postpone some class sessions.  Doggy Dogma will endeavour to contact participants as soon as possible when this occurs.  Classes and Flexi Class timeframes will be extended appropriately to accommodate the loss in time if required.

Owner Commitment

For effective training we ask that you try to the best of your ability, to consistently adhere to recommendations given by your Doggy Dogma Professional.

Help Text

Some questions about your home and family, so that we can understand how to help you and your family adapt to you new dog, or training your family dog.

The payment for the course fees can be made via Paypal to or alternatively via bank transfer to:

Account#: 11716533
Name: Doggy Dogma
Bank: Heritage Bank