Private Training

Private Dog Training can be one of the best ways to address dog behaviour and training problems.  Dog Training is often best done in the home environment as that is where the problems often lay.

Private Dog Training can involve the whole family, meaning that you can achieve the consistency and commitment required to effectively change your dog’s behaviour.

Training should be fun and engaging, so we want to teach you to expect more and get more from your dog.

We have a range of training options that provide dog owners with varying levels of continued support as they change not only their dog’s bad behaviours, but sometimes to change their own. ]

Problem Solving Consultation: This is a dog behaviour consultation that runs for  2-3 hours, it is designed to provide a quick management/training solution to problem dog behaviours.  Great for problems such as jumping on guests, barking at the front door, digging and walking on lead.

One on One Coaching:  The best value dog training option, purchasing training in packages, and designed to address a variety of dog obedience and dog behaviour problems.  We have training packages to deal with a range of dog training issues or alternatively we can tailor a package to meet your needs.

Day Training:

Board and Train: