Webinars 2016

We have a range of Webinars coming up in 2016 – we will be holding one each month on the last Friday of the Month, scroll to the bottom to register your interest:
January – Talking Dog – Learn about Dog Body Language

February – Noisy Dogs – Why do Dogs bark and what to do about it.

March – Excited Dogs – Dealing with Dogs that are excitable

April – Juvenile Dogs – Why this is the hardest time for many dog owners

May – Aggressive Dogs – Why it happens and What to do

June – Anxious Dogs – Living with a Fearful Dog

July – Bored Dogs – How to keep your dog entertained

August – Distracted Dogs – Get your dogs attention when you need it

September – Multiple Dogs – The politics of living with Dogs

October – Lonely Dogs – Is your dog Lonely?

November – Scared Dogs – Phobias and how to react

December – Puppy Dogs – Raising the Perfect Puppy