Building Confidence – Anxious Dog

Building Confidence in Anxious Dogs:

Do you have an Anxious Dog?  Anxiety can be a tricky thing to deal with for owners, cause often it means that your dog doesn’t act the same way as other dogs, they might be shy or timid of people or other dogs.anxious--w230h219

This class will teach your dog three important lessons:
1) You and your dog are a team and they can trust you to protect them;
2) New and unusual situations can be fun; and
3) What’s unfamiliar can make treats & good things happen.

You will encourage dogs to explore and interact with things in their environment.  We will also help your dog develop positive associations with strange things – like kid-sized cars and carts – as well as with someone using a walker or crutches. This class is designed for timid dogs that need a little help learning that the world isn’t such a scary place. It is not for reactive dogs – for that see our Reactive Rover Program

Thursday nights 7:30pm
Open Enrolment
Cost: $170
Location 3/14 South Station Rd Booval