Puppy Social Class

Time:  Monday 7:30pm

Location: Ipswich State High School

Cost: Free to Puppy School Students

Doggy Dogma Puppy School is a great way to get started teaching your dog to be a well mannered and happy pet.  But we wanted to offer more to our students to help them manage their dogs under distraction as well as helping dog owners with a few more technical skills that can be missed in the standard puppy class.

Puppy Socials is about teaching your puppy to enjoy the world and focus on you the handler.  To play with other dogs, but to come back to you when you call them, to ignore other dogs on a walk, to meet and greet strangers politely and all the little things that dog owners miss.

The modern phenomena of Puppy Classes that allow too much free play and dog parks, means that many dogs are becoming magnetised to other dogs or people – resulting in bad behaviour including jumping up, barking and pulling on the lead.  This class is designed to teach owners how to prevent bad behaviour while having lots of fun.

Puppy Socials